3 Line Close Out Live

Today is the last portion of the 3 line close out drill. Obviously anyway can look great and do the right things when the offense is not allowed to move. Now allow your offense to cut to the rim. As 1 passes to 2, the defense should JUMP to the jump to prevent a face cut. One analogy I heard once was, imagine there is a string attached to the ball and to your belly button, as the ball moves you should move with it on defense.

However, it is just as important to stay down in a stance and as the cutter comes to make them run into your forearm and push them away from the ball (Making sure you also do not get beat backdoor).

If you would like to add in a dribble as well you can do that once they consistently jump to the ball and are in the correct positions on defense. Make sure you teach your players how you would like them to guard penetration from help. I teach to stunt twice and get back to their man; that should give the on ball defender enough time to recover and get back in front.

liveOnce your team has mastered the 3 line closeout drill. Turn it into 4 and 5 man closeouts. Put the offense in different positions sometimes; with 5 players go 5 out and also 4 out 1 in.

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