2 Man Transition Drill

If your team likes to set pick & rolls early in your offense in transition this is a great drill to get your guards pushing the ball and bigs sprinting the floor into picks. There are several moves/options you can incorporate depending on your players’ skill sets. If you have enough managers or other players in the workout, give them extra balls, anytime the guard takes a shot throw a ball to the big for a shot and vice versa so each player gets a scoring opportunity every trip.

2mantransition1Coach throws the ball off the backboard. As the         Big takes ball out of the net and sprints out of
big (4) crashes the board, have a coach/player/           bounds and inbounds to guard who already
manager bang him with a pad to create contact         sprinted to outlet. This time the guard comes off
(STAY AWAY FROM FEET, NO SPRAINED ANKLES)        and pulls up for a jumper.
Guard (1) sprints to outlet and big hits him. Guard
pushes the ball up the floor, big sets a side pick &
roll. Guard finishes at rim (Where you have another
person creating contact with a pad.)

2mantransition2Now the guard hits the big on the roll. (Person          Guard throws back to big for a jumper.
creates contact with pad.)


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