3 Shots from 3 Spots Shooting Drill

This past week while in Louisville for the King of the Bluegrass we were fortunate to watch NCAA Division 2 powerhouse Bellarmine University practice before taking off a few days for Christmas. Their practice was very impressive. The amount of energy and communication throughout the entire practice is exactly what our team needed to witness.

This shooting drill is one they opened up practice with and allowed to get up a ton of shots in a short amount of period. The drill incorporates the 3 main spots on the floor (top of key and each corner) and 3 different shots at each spot. The line under the rim passes to the “spot” and then closes out to the ball, the player receives the pass and shot fakes before making a 1 or 2 dribble attack before passing to the 3rd spot. After passing (or shooting) follow your pass (shot) to the next line so each player performs each shot type at all 3 spots. I believe the goal of the drill was to score somewhere around 155 points; 3pt=3, 15 ft=2, lay-ups=1. Below are the shots that each player must perform at each spot:

Corner 1
3 pointer
Catch & rip 15 footer
Catch & rip and finish at the rim/floater

Top of the Key
3 pointer
Catch & rip step-back 15 footer
Catch & rip finish at the rim with a power lay-up / up and under

Corner 2
3 pointer
Catch & rip 15 footer
Catch & rip and finish at the rim/floater





Special thank you to Scott Davenport for allowing us to watch his practice.


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