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Wichita State Shockers 2 Power Gap Zone Offense

This zone offense play from Wichita State was run versus Louisville in the 2013 Final Four. This play from Gregg Marshall is one of my favorite zone offense actions of all time; mostly because Billy Donovan runs it frequently, and very well.

Setting the pick & roll on the top of the zone forces X2 to help or switch onto the ball. On the pass from 2 to 1, X2 is caught trying to recover so X4 starts sliding up to stunt. Making for a perfect opportunity for 5 to duck in hard on the zone for a post-up.

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Chicago Bulls 35 Power

This quick hitter from the Chicago Bulls creates a lot of action that ends up in cross-screen downscreen for a post-up. If 5 isn’t open 3 is the next option for a catch & shoot.


UCONN Huskies Elbow Power

Under the direction of Jim Calhoun, UCONN ran this elbow action with numerous scoring options. The two main scoring loos are to hit 5 ducking in or 4 on the throwback. As 2 approaches the dribble hand-off 4 always has the option to keep it if he feels his defender (X4) is already jumping out to help.


Miami Heat 23 Power

The Miami Heat ran this little misdirection action to get Lebron James and Dwyane Wade coming off of scoring cuts at the same exact time.


North Carolina Tar Heels Weak Power

Roy William’s North Carolina Tar Heels ran this play a few years ago. While the ending of this play is a post-up for 4, 3 is coming off a stagger as a secondary option.


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