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Iowa Hawkeyes Motion Quick #MarchMadness

The Iowa Hawkeyes frequented this play in their 2014 First Four game vs Tennessee. As 2 came off the pick, naturally X3 sat in help to prevent an easy drive and the second that X3 lost contact with 3, 3 shot backdoor for a lay-up.


Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.07.52 PM

Florida State Seminoles Zipper Backdoor

Leonard Hamilton ran this quick hitting backdoor set during the 2008-09 basketball season. As 2 (DeMercy) popped out to the wing, 31 (Singleton) really fake a passed to 2 as he cut hard backdoor to the rim.


5 Spot Finishing Drill

At Fort Myers High School we run the Read and React Offense from Better Basketball. If you are not familiar with the offense it consists of five spots that should always be filled. If your defenders feet are above the three point line (Read Line) and you are one pass away we tell our players to immediately cut back door. With that in mind this morning I put a couple of our guys through a grueling session of finishing moves which incorporates this concept.

When finishing from the sides I like to teach my players to get their shoulders parallel with the baseline to product themselves and the ball from a defender.



Sacramento Kings Elbow Lob

The Sacramento Kings ran this elbow action for a quick lob a few years ago. If the lob pass was not open, 5 had the option to go into a dribble hand-off with 2.


Vanderbilt University Backdoor-Double

Kevin Stallings is very underrated at his X & O’s abilities. He is one of the best in the country and running plays that fit his players. This action was very successful several years ago. The key is running a double screen for one of his excellent shooters while also running his point guard HARD backdoor.

backdoor:double vandy