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Cone Handle Shots Drill

I love this drill because it works on several components of improvement all at once:

Ball Handling: Force your players out of their comfort zone and to dribble lower and quicker each time, that is the only way to improve

Footwork: Creating space and finishing with the least amount of dribbles

Finishing Through/Over/Around the Defense: This drill consists of a multiple of different types of shots and finishes that are great to add to your players’ repertoire.






Dribble Moves to Jump Shots


Player starts dribbling and makes a move at each of the cones, once the reach the other sideline quick change direction, take one dribble and pass to coach and cut to the wing. On the catch back, player has option to shoot jumper, one dribble pull-up or finish at the rim.

Advanced Players: Add a defender closing out once the coach passes back.

 Cone Moves:
-Inside Out
-Inside Out Crossover
-Between the Legs
-Inside Out Between the Legs
-Backdribble to cross-over

Cone Attack Drill

This is a great ball handling drill I got from North Florida Head Coach Matthew Driscoll. It incorporates numerous change of direction and back dribbles your players can utilize to carry over to the games.

To make the drill more difficult, add a coach with a blocking pad to resist the ball-handler and try to knock them off balance.

coneattackAnd as always, repeat the drill from the either direction.

Keep bouncin…

2 Ball Cone Dribbling

This is one of John Lucas’ famous ball handling drills. The cones should be separated about 2 feet apart (Adjust as you see fit). Key is to keep the dribbles low and quick getting as many “bounces” in as possible. Below are the dribble progressions:

  • Simultaneous
  • Simultaneous Cross-Over (At each cone)
  • Simultaneous Between Legs (At each cone)
  • Alternating
  • Alternating Cross-Over (At each one)
  • Alternating Between Legs (At each cone)

Goal is to not touch or knock over any of the cones. If you need to separate the cones for the Cross-Over and Between the Legs you can.

2ballKeep bouncin…

21 (with a coach)

21 is a fun drill to incorporate into your workouts to make them competitive, without using contact.

Goal is to reach 21 pts using a normal scoring system. (3’s=3, Jumpers=2, Lay-ups=1)

Start by putting 5 minutes on the clock. If they do not reach 21 at the end of time, give them one minute to rest and start over. (Time can be adjusted to make it easier/harder).

21Enjoy the games this weekend and as always…

Keep bouncin…