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Baylor Bears Line BLOB

Friday night in their win over Kentucky, Baylor ran this action to get Isaiah Austin a quick bucket in the 2nd half. The key to this play is 2 and 3 cutting HARD and 5 being patient enough to let the play run its’ course.


Circle the Wagons Rebounding

I have posted a drill like this in the past but I just saw this tweak that Baylor Men’s basketball does to make the drill even more difficult.

They place a big in the paint and bring the offensive players closer to the paint. I think this makes it a much more realistic look and really forces the defense to block out the big in the middle and push him/her away from the rim.

wagonsRemember, if you want to add this play to your FastDraw library you can. Simply highlight over the FastModel logo in the lower right corner.

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