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Advanced Terminology : Duck-In

Last Summer I wrote several short articles revolving around NBA Terminology (Red, Ice/Blue/Weak, Slice Cut, Hawk Cut) and I have decided to cover a few other “advanced” terms that some up and coming or even well established coaches may not be familiar with. If you are like me, sometimes when I attend clinics I hear a term I am not familiar with and spend the rest of the lecture trying to figure out what the clinician is referring to. I use some of these terms in my daily plays that I like to share with my readers; so in an effort to educate coaches at all levels I am going to devote several articles to such terminology.

Today’s Advanced term is “Duck-In”. During my first year on the staff at the University of Florida, within the first week of practice I kept hearing the term “Duck-In” being used over and over to our post players.

“Duck-In” is just another term for Post-Up. However, I think “Duck-In” sounds much more powerful and more instructional than Post-Up. In my mind, a post is something you pile into the ground and is not supposed to move. We all know that in order to be an effective player in the post that you must have quick and a strong base to keep the defense on your back and establish position. “Duck-In” removes that stagnant mindset from the term and also initiates an action. When I think of the term “Duck-In” now, I think of a player using his lower body to seal their defender in the paint for an easier angle to the rim. A found a great video on Basketball HQ┬áthat shows a simple and effective in teaching young players how to properly “Duck-In”.

As always if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Backboard Tap Drill (1 Hand)

This is an excellent drill that teaches your bigs to have a soft touch around the rim and have better ball control by improving hand-eye coordination.

Player starts by tossing the ball against the backboard and then continues to tap the ball (jumping) off the backboard with one hand. (Left hand on left side, Right hand on right side). Goal is to successfully make 10 taps in a row and then finish with a made lay-up. If the lay-up is missed you must start over.

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Bigs-Seal Drill

The “Seal Drill” is one that was used quite a bit during the University of Florida’s run at Back-to-Back NCAA Championships. It is a perfect drill that allows your players to work on both offense and defense while in the post.

I was often thrown into this drill as both the offensive player and defensive player and I will tell you one thing…being in a drill with 6’10” 250 lb lottery picks will wear you out quickly! This is also an exceptional conditioning drill.

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