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Brooklyn Nets ATO Need 3 #NBAPlayoffs

Down 3 at the end of Game 5 of the 2014 EC Semi-Finals, Jason Kidd drew up this sideline out-of-bounds play for the Brooklyn Nets. This was a great action which incorporated multiple screen the screener actions. However, Johnson (4) was unable to get a shot off as Miami deflected the ball out-of-bounds on the catch.


Brooklyn Nets Short Clock BLOB #NBAPlayoffs

Yesterday’s 1st round Playoffs Game 1 between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors was an interesting one. For the majority of the 2nd-half, the Raptors PA announcer was the shot clock as the clocks were malfunctioning on both ends of the floor. Jason Kidd drew up the play below with having 3.7 seconds in mind. However, as the Nets broke their timeout, they were informed there was only 2.7 on the shot clock (stop watch). Either way time did not end up being a factor as Pierce was able to break free for this catch & shoot to increase the Nets’ lead.


Brooklyn Nets Elbow Double (Pick & Roll)

This set from the Brooklyn Nets’ former coach Avery Johnson is one of my favorite half-court sets that allows for multiple tweaks and options to add this as a staple of your offense.


Brooklyn Nets Quick Side End of Game

With .6 seconds left during game 3 of the NBA Summer League, the Brooklyn Nets ran this sideline out of bounds play to try and win the 4th quarter and secure a point. Considering the lights went out previous to this play, the Nets did a great job executing this play and hit a 3-pointer. Unfortunately, time expired before the shot got off.


Chicago Bulls End of Quarter BLOB : V

Satuday night during Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs, Tom Thibodeau drew up this End of Quarter play to give his Chicago Bulls squad momentum going into halftime versus the Brooklyn Nets. With Belinelli having such an explosive defense, Boozer’s man overhelped on the 2nd screen. This gave Boozer a free lane straight to the rim.

Bulls V

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