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Chicago Bulls UCLA Double

This play the Chicago Bulls ran over the weekend versus the 76ers is a very popular one run in the NBA by multiple teams.  Frame 1 is the action that the Bulls ran. However, if you have a shooting 4 or decide to UCLA screen with a big instead of a guard, Frame 2 (OPTION 2) is a great tweak to get another scoring option for one of your shooters.

Furthermore, with an explosive point guard like Rose, you can also choose to dribble 2 up and have 2 Hawk cut off the post to get your point guard using the side pick & roll instead.


Chicago Bulls Box Out

While last night’s NBA debut and return of Derrick Rose wasn’t as intense as many hyped it to be, from a coaches perspective I was able to pick up a few new extra X & O’s. The Chicago Bulls ran this baseline out of bounds action during their comeback attempt late in the 4th quarter. This play is simple and effective and can be run at any level.


Chicago Bulls 13 Quick Again

Friday night in between watching ESPNU Midnight Madness and the UCF-Louisville football game, I flipped over to the Chicago Bulls game. Tom Thibodeau runs some great offensive sets and Friday night he allowed me to add one more play to my library. The Bulls ran this play with pure perfection and timing. 1 also has the option to throwback to 3 coming off the screen from 5.


Chicago Bulls Wheel Go

The complex pick & roll action from Vinny Del Negro is a great action to cause some confusion with the defense by using multiple players in various screening actions. 5 screening 3 into the side pick & roll forces X3 to be late or X5 to switch; either way making an idle situation to get your PG attacking the rim.


Chicago Bulls Curl Post

This is a great quick hitting post-up from the Chicago Bulls to get one of your bigger guards matched up in the post.