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Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 7/22/2014

After a few weeks off because I was out-of-town at Coaching U Live, and my players have been busy with the AAU circuit, we got back in the gym for a skill tune-up today before one of my players heads out to Panama City for his last event.

3 Area Move & Shoot – 2 Levels

This drill was our warm-up for today. Using the three area of the court, Corner to Wing (Elbow) both sides and Elbow to Elbow, player had to move and shoot until he made six shots at each area. If he missed two shots in a row we started over at that area. We performed this at five foot range and 15 foot range.

Goal: Make 6 at each area without missing two in a row.

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Elbow Flex | Duck-In

Seeing as Coaching U Live released two site dates today it’s only fair I share another one of my favorite plays from the 2011 Coaching U Live in Orlando. This play is another favorite from Brendan Suhr.

V duck in

Elbow Flare | Need 3

Since Coaching U released their July 2014 dates today I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite plays I received from Brendan Suhr. Brendan demonstrated this play during the 2011 Coaching U Live in Orlando.


W Shooting (Bigs)

I have always used this drill since I played in high school to my days at Florida. However, Jay Bilas showed me this wrinkle during his lecture at Coaching U Live 2011. He saw this drill while watching Mike Brey put this Notre Dame team through a workout. This is an excellent drill that incorporates shooting, post work, and conditioning.

wshooting1. Player starts around wing/short corner area, catches and shoots 15 footer

2. Sprints and touches half-court and then sprints to block. catch and makes post-move (Coach: Give them freedom to mix up their moves…add contact to make it more game-like)
3. Drill is repeated to the spots shown above…

Once they take their 5th shot on the left wing area, sprint back to half-court and then back to the left wing again, repeating the drill going back around the perimeter.

Keep bouncin…

Role(s) of the Assistant Coach on the Bench

One very important thing that I learned through my experience at the University of Florida and being mentored by my good friends at Coaching U is to ALWAYS be prepared and active during games. Too often I get frustrated while watching basketball games on television or in person and I see assistant coaches sitting court-side barking out orders, empty-handed.

The National Basketball Association is the highest level of basketball in the world and is composed of the BEST coaches in the world. One thing I have picked up on in the last couple of years is that you will rarely see an NBA Assistant sitting court-side without a notepad or “book” in their hands. (I call them books because they can become quite thick). They are full of past game notes, scouting reports, play diagrams and play call sheets. Additionally, you will also see them constantly make notes throughout the game on a notepad. So, if the BEST coaches in the world do it, why don’t you? Is it an ego thing,  what is it?

LA Lakers Hall of Fame staff-Every coach is PREPARED

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