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Elbow Flex | Duck-In

Seeing as Coaching U Live released two site dates today it’s only fair I share another one of my favorite plays from the 2011 Coaching U Live in Orlando. This play is another favorite from Brendan Suhr.

V duck in

Chicago Bulls Weakside Duck-In

Last night the Chicago Bull ran this quick hitter post action to start the 4th quarter versus the Washington Wizards. Noah did a great job selling this play dribbling at the pin-down before quickly turning to feed Gibson ducking in. Noah’s quick dribble right put X4 a step off Gibson to allow the easy post.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.42.43 PM

Mark Gottfried 5 Loop Post Action

Mark Gottfried frequented this half-court offense set while the head coach at the University of Alabama. The main reason this play was so successful was because Gottfried had a 5 man in 6’9″ 255 lb Richard Hendrix. Hendrix was a force inside and almost impossible to move off the block. Once you got sealed, it was an automatic two points.

If X3 tried chasing this screen, 3 occasionally would be open for a lay-up.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 1.21.54 PM

Pittsburgh Panthers Elbow Double

Jamie Dixon and the Pittsburgh Panthers ran this action last season during Big East play.


Wichita State Shockers 2 Power Gap Zone Offense

This zone offense play from Wichita State was run versus Louisville in the 2013 Final Four. This play from Gregg Marshall is one of my favorite zone offense actions of all time; mostly because Billy Donovan runs it frequently, and very well.

Setting the pick & roll on the top of the zone forces X2 to help or switch onto the ball. On the pass from 2 to 1, X2 is caught trying to recover so X4 starts sliding up to stunt. Making for a perfect opportunity for 5 to duck in hard on the zone for a post-up.

For every play Wichita State ran during the 2013 Final Four check out my eBook, “Championship Execution”.


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