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VCU Rams 35 Quick

Anthony Grant ran this hand-off pick & roll play while he was the head coach at VCU. As 3 comes off the pick he has multiple options of attack:

  1. Get to the rim or pull-up jumper
  2. Hit 5 rolling to the rim
  3. If X1 sags in the lane to take away 5, throwback to 1
  4. Drive and kick to 4 (or 2).


Baseline Drag Early Offense

A few nights ago I was watching a WNBA Playoff game and one of the teams ran a quick play at the end of the game. The play was not very successful so I came up with this tweak to it. Your options are:

  1. Have 1 come off to score.
  2. Pass to 3 for a catch & shoot.
  3. Throwback to 2 for a catch & shoot or drive and attack.
  4. After the throwback to 2, pass 5 ducking in hard after screening.


Spain 3 Down Power

Spain ran this beautiful quick hitter to post-up Marc Gasol in their game versus Macedonia this afternoon. After 3 cross-screens for 5 I would love to add 4 pinning down for 3.


Macedonia 3 Down Quick

Macedonia ran this Early Offense stagger action today in International play versus Spain. The goal would be to get 3 coming off the stagger looking to score. If not the post up for one of the bigs is another viable option.


University of Richmond Spiders Elbow 52

This is a play from Chris Mooney’s Richmond Spiders that they ran a few years ago in the NCAA Tournament. While this set only shows 1 action, with all the movement going on you could add several options to this:

1. 3 uses the screen and gets the dribble hand-off from 5.
2. 3 wraps around the screen for 1 and 1 pops out for a pass from 5  or dribble hand-off pick & roll.
2. 1 pops out and gets the dribble hand-off from 5 at the wing and 2 sets the middle for 3.


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