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Explosion Lay-Up Drill

One aspect most young players lack is the ability to use space effectively. While some may this drill for conditioning, it is excellent at teaching your players how to get to the rim with proper footwork using explosive steps and limited dribbles.

  1. Player starts underneath the rim with one basketball.
  2. Start dribbling towards the left wing with the right hand, turn and use one dribble with the same hand, striding out all the way to the rim for a right-handed lay-up.
  3. Immediately grab the rebound out of the net and repeat the process to the other wing using the left hand.
  4. Perform the drill for 35 seconds OR until the player makes 10 lay-ups.

After the players can perform the drill to PERFECTION. Make the drill more difficult, add a coach/teammate/manager with a pad to make the lay-up through contact.



3 Moves vs 3 Cones Drill

This is a great series of moves for your players to work on to attack the rim from halfcourt while making multiple moves around defenders. It is important that the players try to go as fast and stay as low as possible to keep the ball low. Adding a coach with a pad at the rim forces them to finish strong through contact.

Each move (Frame) should be completed with a right hand and left hand finishes before moving to the next set.




Create Space Floaters / Hooks Drill

This drill is just an extension of the Rim Finishes Drill I posted earlier today. This is a great series of moves that every player should add to their arsenal to work on to perfect. The ability to change direction and finish around the rim are key elements for players who want to play basketball at a high level.

When I performed this drill I had each player make each finish 3 times before moving onto the next move. You can adjust this accordingly as you see fit.








5 Spot Finishing Drill

At Fort Myers High School we run the Read and React Offense from Better Basketball. If you are not familiar with the offense it consists of five spots that should always be filled. If your defenders feet are above the three point line (Read Line) and you are one pass away we tell our players to immediately cut back door. With that in mind this morning I put a couple of our guys through a grueling session of finishing moves which incorporates this concept.

When finishing from the sides I like to teach my players to get their shoulders parallel with the baseline to product themselves and the ball from a defender.



Quickie Drill

This is a drill saw for the first time from my head coach Scott Guttery when I arrived at Fort Myers High School. This is a great drill for all of your players, not just your post players. In my opinion, I think this is actually a better drill for guards to learn how to quickly get a shot off around the rim.

Really emphasize quickness and explosiveness throughout the entire drill. Also make sure that your players mix in both right and left hand shots.

For older/advanced players, have a coach/teammate create some contact through the drill to make it a more uncomfortable situation.