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Florida Gators Baseline Pop P&R #MarchMadness

The Florida Gators opened their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup vs UCLA running this half-court set. During the first weekend of the NCAA tournament the Gators frequented their baseline screening series, thus a perfect time to throw a wrinkle into it would be the opening play of their next game. By popping 4 to the wing and rolling 3 out for a throwback, this isolated Young (5) rolling and prevented most of the help from being in the paint.



Florida Gators “Rhody”

Halfway through the 2nd half of their loss to UCONN, Florida head coach Billy Donovan called out this play to PG Scottie Wilbekin to get his Gators to run some offense for multiple looks. If you follow the Gators or Coach Donovan, you know he is one of the best at teaching and executing continuity offense.

While they frequently run baseline runner/rhody actions, I love this new addition to his playbook. There are multiple scoring opportunities to attack any defensive adjustments in this action.



University of Florida Box Elevator Need 3

This is one of my favorite quick hitter Need 3 plays from Billy Donovan that he ran two years ago with Kenny Boynton and Bradley Beal.


1 passes to 4 as 3 screened for 2. 1 cut over top of 5 and then screened for 3. 4 skipped the ball
3. 4 and 5 then set an elevator screen for 1 for a quick 3-pointer.

Florida Gators Box Zone Baseline Out of Bounds

This is an action Billy Donovan ran several years ago out of bounds versus a 2-3 zone. Florida was very fortunate to have two NBA lottery picks inside that were phenomenal at sealing the zone in this play.



Here is a counter to as well:

Boxzone UF Counter

Lane Line Shows

This is a great ballscreen defense drill I got from Coach Donovan while I was at Florida. This drill works to improve footwork, communication, and conditioning.


Place a chair in each slot and have a coach/manager/player with a ball on each wing and place one big on each block.

Each big sprints out and works on defending ballscreens. Using the chair as the screener.

Coach will call out how to guard:

  • Half-Blitz (Hedge)
  • Blitz (Trap)
  • Level (Flatten out)

Each big will then X and repeat the drill for 1 minute.