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Florida Gators Horns Power #MarchMadness

Florida’s Center Patric Young had a frustrating performance in the Gators’ Sweet 16 win over UCLA. Billy Donovan opened up their 2014 Elite 8 matchup with Dayton running this Horns set to get Young going early in the game.

Florida was unable to get the ball to Young, but did score off a rim attack.


Florida Gators Baseline Pop P&R #MarchMadness

The Florida Gators opened their 2014 Sweet 16 matchup vs UCLA running this half-court set. During the first weekend of the NCAA tournament the Gators frequented their baseline screening series, thus a perfect time to throw a wrinkle into it would be the opening play of their next game. By popping 4 to the wing and rolling 3 out for a throwback, this isolated Young (5) rolling and prevented most of the help from being in the paint.


Florida Gators 1 Baseline Double #MarchMadness

Frequenting their baseline series all game, Florida head coach Billy Donovan ran this tweak to the set adding in a double side pick & roll. This line-up for Florida is extremely versatile because they essentially have three point guards on the floor, one being 6’8″ (4) Dorian Finney-Smith, in addition to (2) Hill and 1 (Wilbekin).

As 1 (Wilbekin) came off the double pick & roll he had multiple options of attack:

1. Attack the rim or pull-up
2. Drop down pass to Young (5) rolling.
3. 2 and 3 spotting up on the weak side wing
4. Throwback to versatile (4) Finney-Smith who can catch & shoot or attack the rim




Florida Gators Stack Thru Zone Offense #MarchMadness

While Florida struggled throughout the game to knock down shots from the outside, the Gators dominated the paint from start to finish vs Albany. What makes this play hard to guard is by sending 1 through to the corner, the defense must send X4 down to the corner, making it a 2 on 1 vs X5 in the paint.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 8.01.43 PM

Florida Gators Horns Again Pick & Roll

The Florida Gators ran this pick & roll in their win over South Carolina on Tuesday night. Coach Donovan really stresses the importance of timing in his offense and drills it on a daily basis; the timing on this play was flawless. As 1 (Wilbekin) came off the 2nd pick from 5 (Young), the roll was so open because Florida’s Frazier (3) was on a shooting tear and X3 did not help into the lane enough on Young.

horns again