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Florida State Seminoles Zipper Backdoor

Leonard Hamilton ran this quick hitting backdoor set during the 2008-09 basketball season. As 2 (DeMercy) popped out to the wing, 31 (Singleton) really fake a passed to 2 as he cut hard backdoor to the rim.


FSU Seminoles 1 Thru

This double stagger into a triple stagger from Florida State’s Leonard Hamilton is a great action to get your guards coming off multiple screens. This play also creates a great situation to get 1 into a pick & roll action below the free-throw line. After 1 receives the ball, if they don’t have any scoring options spread the floor and have 5 set a quick pick on the ball.


Florida State Seminoles Flare/Double/Stagger Action

Florida State used to run this awesome action with multiple scoring options throughout the play.

flaredoublestagger fsu


flaredblstager fsu 2fsu3