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UCONN Huskies – 145 High X Pick & Roll

The UCONN Huskies ran this pick & roll play with a slip throughout the 2014 Men’s Final Four. Connecticut’s guards were very patient and made sure 5 was set before exploding off the pick and attacking the defense.

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2 Double Roll | Pick & Post-Up into a Stagger

This past week our team was very fortunate to compete in the King of the Bluegrass Holiday Classic outside of Louisville, KY. This tournament is one of the best in the Nation with the best teams in Kentucky in attendance. This action below was one that the #1 team in Kentucky, Ballard High School, ran to post up their Center (who is heading to Butler).

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 11.52.37 AM

Double Swing Post-Up

While playing around on the FastDraw iPad app this morning I actually ended up drawing a post-up play that I really like. This play is most effective with proper timing. 5 should be coming off the backscreen from 4 and 1 as 3 is receiving the pass. If X1 or X4 double down to help on the catch, look to quickly kick the ball out for a shot.


Florida Gators Motion Back Again

Last night in their win over the Kansas Jayhawks, the Florida Gators ran this half-court set which involved multiple screening actions leading to a middle pick & roll. As 1 came off the pick & roll he was able to find 3 spotting up in the corner. Due to the defensive rotations, this allowed 5 to post-up on the block.



Kansas Jayhawks Elbow Back Triple

This is an offensive set that Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks ran in the 2012 National Championship game. I love this play because of the numerous scoring options tha are very simple to teach your players to run. If 2 does not have a shot on the catch & shoot flare he has the option to rip baseline for a drive, or pass to 1 coming off three screens.

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