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Memphis Tigers Horns Twist Post-Up

Last night in their win over Oklahoma State, the Memphis Tigers ran this post iso action in the 2nd half. One small piece of this play that is very popular is sending the post passer through to the weak side. Many coaches keep their post passer strong side and this allows for an easy dig or double down which disturbs the post isolation.


Venezuela National Team Horns Twist

Venezuela ran this Horns pick & roll action Monday evening in their FIBA America 2013 game versus Argentina.


Oklahoma City Thunder 53 Pick & Roll

This is a play the Thunder ran two years ago in the Western Conference Playoffs versus the Memphis Grizzlies. 5 (Ibaka) screened Kevin Durant into a side pick & roll with Westbrook. Using your best player to set pick & rolls with one of the best point guards in the league is extremely hard to guard. If Durant’s man helps on Westbrook that leaves KD wide open for a throwback catch & shoot. If X5 is forced to rotated out to cover Durant then the defense will be forced to sink in to guard 5 (Ibaka) and leave open a shooter in the corner.



As 1 brings the ball downcourt,  5 screens
Durant into a side pick & roll. 5 rolls to the
opposite block and KD pops to the wing.

Chicago Bulls Horns Shake

Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer did a great job working together on this set. As soon as 4 (Boozer) screened 5 (Joakim) into the first pick he quickly turned to clean up the action with a second pick for Derrick Rose.


Boston Celtics 52 Twist (Horns)

Under Doc Rivers, the Boston Celtics ran this single into a double pick & roll to get Rajon Rondo attacking the rim. The pin-down action on the weakside is great to run to occupy the defense.