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Memphis Tigers “Strong” Post-Up

Last night in their loss to the Florida Gators, the Memphis Tigers ran this post-up action to get Goodwin and Nichols playing a two-man for a hi-low. With limited size coming off the bench for the Gators, Memphis really attacked Florida’s bigs trying to get Patric Young and company in foul trouble.


Memphis Tigers Horns Twist Post-Up

Last night in their win over Oklahoma State, the Memphis Tigers ran this post iso action in the 2nd half. One small piece of this play that is very popular is sending the post passer through to the weak side. Many coaches keep their post passer strong side and this allows for an easy dig or double down which disturbs the post isolation.


Jumper BLOB from Memphis’ Josh Pastner

Over the weekend in the Bahamas the Memphis Tigers ran this play vs the VCU Rams to get a quick dunk baseline out of bounds.


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