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Kansas Jayhawks 5 Quick Post-Up

If you are looking for some hi-lo plays for your team, spend some time watching the Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks. He does a tremendous job putting his players into positions to create mismatches and seals and allow for simple hi-lo play. The Jayhawks ran this post-up action for Jeff Withey in the 2012 Final Four.

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Kansas Jayhawks : Horns Twist

Last night the Kansas Jayhawks ran this Horns Twist action versus Michigan in their OT loss in the Sweet 16. In this play, 5 (Jeff Withey) did a marvelous job sealing his man on top side for the post feed.

Horns Twist

Kansas Jayhawks: 3 Go Reverse

This play is a great Quick Hitter Post Entry action. It is one of hundreds of plays in my book you can purchase, Championship Execution.