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Kansas Jayhawks Elbow Back Triple

This is an offensive set that Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks ran in the 2012 National Championship game. I love this play because of the numerous scoring options tha are very simple to teach your players to run. If 2 does not have a shot on the catch & shoot flare he has the option to rip baseline for a drive, or pass to 1 coming off three screens.

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Kansas Jayhawks 3 Wide X

This is a play that Bill Self ran a few years ago at Kansas to get the Morris twins working together for a pick & roll or post-up option. If 3 uses the pick & roll, 4 should pop as 5 continues to seal on the drive by 3. If X5 steps up to help this will leave you with a nice dump down or lob pass to 5.


Play of the Day: 41 Dive

Friday night up one with 15 seconds left on the clock, the Kansas Jayhawks needed a big time play Out of Bounds to to increase their lead over North Carolina State. Bill Self ran this jewel to put his Jawhawks up three and ultimately win the game.

41diveKeep bouncin…

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