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Chicago Bulls Stack BLOB

Last night in an overtime thriller, without any timeouts and trailing by 2 with just a few seconds left, Tom Thibodeau called out this Stack play for Luol Deng. Deng did an excellent job stepping back to set up his man and leveraging position to beat his man back to the ball for a catch & shoot lay-up.


Maryland Terrapins SLOB X Punch

Friday night Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon drew up this play late in their game versus UCONN to get Dez Wells a pick & roll iso in a need situation.


Portland Trailblazers Pop Flex SLOB

Nate McMillan ran this sideline out of bounds play while with the Portland Trailblazers. 2 has the option depending on which way X2 plays him, he has the option to go off either the screen from 1 or 4.