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San Antonio Spurs Cross Pin ATO

The San Antonio Spurs ran this sideline out-of-bounds play during Game 6 of the 2014 Western Conference Finals vs the OKC Thunder. Ginobili (1) did a tremendous job selling his cut off 2 (creating small separation) before sprinting off the screen from Duncan (5) for the catch & shoot 3-poiner.

cross pin

Florida Gators Late Game Motion Hold

Motion Hold is a great play to run in a late game situation in which you are holding for a last shot or waiting for the defensive to commit a foul. This play incorporates multiple screening options to get either wing open. In most cases you want to keep the ball in your guard(s) hands for better ball-handling and free throw shooting. However, if you get into an urgent situation your bigs are allowed to flash as a release if needed.

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LA Clippers Side Twist

Watching another segment of the 2013 Real Training Camp with the LA Clippers, Doc Rivers drew up this set. This segment of practice was a coaches dream, a scrimmage of sideline out of bounds plays with a short clock to work on end of game/quarter situations. On the play below, 3 did a marvelous job setting up the play like he was going to screen for 2 before quickly rubbing off the back of 2 to the rim.


Atlanta Hawks SLOB End of Game Quick Hitter

Mike Woodson drew up this SLOB Need 3 action when he was the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. While it is possible for 1 to be open on the first set of screens, do to help 3 is more than likely the option that will be open for a catch & shoot.


San Antonio Spurs Short Clock ATO

With 3.9  seconds left in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, the San Antonio Spurs ran this play at the end of the 2nd overtime to defeat the Golden State Warriors. X1 was able to trail the screens and stay attached to Parker. Unfortunately X5 was unaware and doubled Parker. Forcing X2 to drop and protect the rim, leaving the skip to Ginobili wide open for a 3-pointer.


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