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End of Game SLOB: Need 2 (Lob)

I recently watched some video from last year’s Brayden Carr Foundation Coaching Clinic run by coach Jim Carr. This play came from the legendary John Lucas and is a very simple sideline out-of-bounds play from the side that gives you a lob. Main goal of this action is to get the lob to 5 at the rim. However, if the defense takes away the lob you have 4 cutting hard to the top for a catch & shoot as well.



Chicago Bulls LOB Quick Hitter #NBAPlayoffs

The Chicago Bulls ran this quick hitter in Game 2 of their 1st round Playoff loss to the Wizards. 2 (Butler) does a phenomenal job here setting up his man like he is coming off the pin-down before knifing back for the lob.


Florida Gators Zone Offense – Lob (Video)

Last night the Florida Gators ran this zone offense play which lead to Freshman Chris Walker’s first points in a Gator uniform. If you watch Florida enough, you know that Billy Donovan frequently runs pick & rolls versus a zone to get two defenders guarding one and put the defense in compromising situations. This overloaded action did just that.

What makes this play especially hard to guard is Florida had two point guards on the Florida making them extra dangerous on the dribble. Additionally, as Kasey Hill came off the pick, not only did he have the option shown below, but he also had a throwback option to their lethal 3-point threat Michael Frazier II. (See video below courtesy of ESPN)


John Pelphrey Carolina Backscreen Action

John Pelphrey ran this Carolina backscreen action while the head coach of the University of Arkansas.  What I love about this play is by have 2 set the backscreen to 4, a lack of communication will result in one of three outcomes:

1. Lob to 4
2. 2 will be open as X2 helped because X4 was nailed on the backscreen
3. X5 is forced to help on 2 and 5 can flash for an elbow jumper or iso-drive to the rim.

If none of those options are available the pick & roll finishes up the play. With the floor spread and the pick so close to the baseline it will be difficult to help on the roll of 5 if X5 is caught helping X2.




LA Lakers Elbow Weak (ATO)

The LA Lakers run this action after a timeout in their opening night game versus the LA Clippers last night. The timing of 1, 2, and 5 on this action was perfect as 5 slipped the screen at the exact time to allow him to get open.