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Chicago Bulls Zipper Weak 23 Pick & Roll

Thursday night in their win over the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls ran this pick & roll play for Luol Deng to start the game. As 3 comes off the pick, 1 relocates to the corner as 4 and 5 space outside the lane. If the defense shifts to take away the drive, look to fire a pass to 1 in the corner and have your bigs screen in on the defense.


Dallas Mavericks Rub 4

I love this middle pick & roll play from the Dallas Mavericks. Anytime a team screens a player into a pick & roll it becomes a favorite of mine. The ending of this play is also great by having 5 screen in quickly for 3. It is very likely that X3 and X4 will get caught up for a second helping 4 sprinting into the pick. Thus making for the perfect opportunity to quickly screen in for 3. If X5 scrambles to help on 3, look to hit 5 slipping to the rim.


Orlando Magic “Chin 4”

Stan Van Gundy ran this middle pick & roll action with Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.


Oklahoma City 1 Hook

The Oklahoma City Thunder frequented with this screen the screener play in the Playoffs a couple of years ago.


Miami Heat Hook Double #NBAfinals

The Miami Heat ran this two plays back to back last in during Game 4 of the NBA Finals versus the San Antonio Spurs. A trend in the NBA that I love and many coaches don’t follow (which I don’t understand why) is running plays that work in succession. If a play works well once, why not try it again and make your opponent guard it? That is what the Miami Heat did last night, Option 1 was a quick pin down for Ray Allen which led to an easy floater in the lane. The very next possession down the court the Heat ran the same action but the Spurs did a much better job defending and the Heat had to deviate to a different play.