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Kentucky Wildcats Motion X

John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats ran this motion action during the 2013 Final Four. This is a great set that creates movement and ends with a side pick & roll after a quick pin-down. If 2 can turn the corner and beat X4 there is limited help to the rim; the only option being X5 which could lead to an easy pass to 5 if X3 fails to rotate down as well.

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University of Kentucky Wildcats 15 Rub

This is an action from Kentucky when Billy Gillispie was the head coach. This play involved multiple screening actions and movement ending with a side pick & roll. If 1 is open on the initial backscreen to the rim that is clearly the 1st scoring option.


Motion LoGo : Florida Gators

The University of Florida ran this offensive set on Saturday afternoon in their victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. Florida is not known for having very big point guards, but coach Billy Donovan does a terrific job teaching them skills all around the basket; especially in the post. In this play he sets up an off the block pick and roll with Scottie Wilbekin and Patrick Young. Some may think this play is easy to guard but with two knock down shooters in Murphy and Rosario on the perimeter, it is very difficult to help.

Motion LoGo

Motion Horns from the New Orleans Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets ran this half-court action last night vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Motion Horns

Motion from the Arizona Wildcats


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