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Brooklyn Nets Short Clock BLOB #NBAPlayoffs

Yesterday’s 1st round Playoffs Game 1 between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors was an interesting one. For the majority of the 2nd-half, the Raptors PA announcer was the shot clock as the clocks were malfunctioning on both ends of the floor. Jason Kidd drew up the play below with having 3.7 seconds in mind. However, as the Nets broke their timeout, they were informed there was only 2.7 on the shot clock (stop watch). Either way time did not end up being a factor as Pierce was able to break free for this catch & shoot to increase the Nets’ lead.


Boston Celtics EOQ Quick

Last year Doc Rivers’ Boston Celtics team ran this quick hitter at the end of a quarter to get Paul Pierce a nice look at the time by going backdoor and refusing the screen.


Boston Celtics Flex 3 for Paul Pierce

The Boston Celtics frequent this quick hitter to get Paul Pierce looks in the paint.


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