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Syracuse University “2” Pindown Pick & Roll

This is a play that Jim Boeheim frequented during the 2013 Final Four. They ran this play with several different variations based on how the defense was guarding and I will share those options in the coming days.

For every play Syracuse ran during the 2013 Final Four check out my eBook, “Championship Execution”.


Orlando Magic “Horns Down” NBA Summer League

The Orlando Magic ran this simultaneous pin down action yesterday out of the horns set. This is a very simple play to put into your system that gives you multiple scoring options.


1. While 4 help defenders are occupied with the pindowns 1 has the option to take his man on the dribble to the rim or pull-up jumper.
2. Hit 2 or 3 on the pop or curl for a shot.
3. If 2 or 3 do not make a scoring play, have the big set a side or step-up pick & roll for them.
4. If X4 or X5 over help on the pin down, slip your bigs to the rim for a lob.
5. Have 2 and 3 come off the pindowns and set up in a horns set for pick & roll options for 1.


France National Team: Motion

France ran this action during the 2010 FIBA World Championships. I added the weakside pin-down action to occupy the defense and also give you a 3rd scoring option.


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