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New York Knicks 23 Chest – Guard PNR

The New York Knicks ran this play in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals versus the Indiana Pacers. Some coaches are not big fans of running guard on guard ballscreens because they are easy to switch. But by screening Kidd into the pick it forces the defense to make one of two decisions:

1. Switch and the defense ends up with a big helping on the pick & pop.

2. If the defense doesn’t switch the guard is late to help on the pick & pop and could result in JR Smith pulling up for a jumper.

Furthermore, the Knicks put Carmelo Anthony (4) spaced in the opposite corner. This is an excellent strategy as well because his defense is probably told not to help off too much of their leading scorer.

23 Chest

Memphis Grizzlies : Double Loop Need 3

At the end of Game 1 versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Memphis Grizzlies needed a three B to send Game 1 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals into Overtime. Unforunately, the shot came up short but this is still a very good play to have in your back pocket for any late game situations.

Double Loop

Miami Heat Post Up Action : Power

Last night in an impressive win over the Chicago Bulls in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals, the Miami Heat ran this play to get Lebron james a post up action. What made this play so effective is Ray Allen set the initial back screen on Lebron. Having the best shooter in NBA history set a screen really puts the defense in a bind because if you over-help the defense ends up late on the pin-down and more than likely give up an open 3-pointer.


San Antonio Spurs : Quick Flex – Need 3

Last night during crunch time of Game 1 of the NBA Playoff Semi-Finals, the San Antonio Spurs were in a Need 3 situation versus the Golden State Warriors. Verteran Head Coach Gregg Popovich knew just the play to run. The Spurs executed thisB flex’ish¬†screen the screener play to perfection to open up Danny Green for a 3-pointer.

Spurs Need 3

Chicago Bulls End of Quarter BLOB : V

Satuday night during Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs, Tom Thibodeau drew up this End of Quarter play to give his Chicago Bulls squad momentum going into halftime versus the Brooklyn Nets. With Belinelli having such an explosive defense, Boozer’s man overhelped on the 2nd screen. This gave Boozer a free lane straight to the rim.

Bulls V

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