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Portland Trailblazers Quick Pick & Roll #NBAPlayoffs

In game 1 of the 2014 NBA Playoffs West Semi-Finals, the Portland Trailblazers ran this screen the screener pick & roll action. This play was executed with excellent timing and spacing which allowed 4 to be open on the throwback.


Portland Trailblazers Zipper Flare

The Portland Trailblazers ran this zipper cut flare action in the 1st half of their win over the LA Clippers last night.  Portland head coach Terry Stotts does a great job emptying out the weak side to open up the flare screen.


Portland Trailblazers Pop Flex SLOB

Nate McMillan ran this sideline out of bounds play while with the Portland Trailblazers. 2 has the option depending on which way X2 plays him, he has the option to go off either the screen from 1 or 4.




Portland Trailblazers ” 3 Down”

The Portland Trailblazers ran “3 Down” Tuesday night in their game versus the Chicago Bulls during the 2013 NBA Las Vegas Summer League. In this play it is 1’s option to use the pick & roll or pass to 3 for a shot or pick & roll.


Portland Trailblazers Elbow Twist

The Portland Trailblazers ran this pick & roll action a few years ago to get Brandon Roy coming off consecutive ballscreens. This play is great if you are facing a team who lifts and goes under on all ballscreens. Setting pick & rolls around the wing/block area forces them to fight over the screens and will open up driving lanes for your PG.