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Zipper Duck-In from Vanderbilt’s Kevin Stallings

This is a set that Kevin Stallings ran when he had Andrew Ogilvy. He does a great job teaching his bigs how to get position and pin the defense under the rim.

zipper duck

Backboard Tap Drill (2 Hands)

Yesterday I posted the Backboard Tap Drill (1 Hand), today’s drill takes a little more strength and athleticism. This drill forces your players to learn how to grab a rebound with 2 hands and then explode back up without bringing the ball down. If the player brings the ball below their shoulders have a coach/manager/players smack the ball out of their hands.

backboardKeep bouncin…

Backboard Tap Drill (1 Hand)

This is an excellent drill that teaches your bigs to have a soft touch around the rim and have better ball control by improving hand-eye coordination.

Player starts by tossing the ball against the backboard and then continues to tap the ball (jumping) off the backboard with one hand. (Left hand on left side, Right hand on right side). Goal is to successfully make 10 taps in a row and then finish with a made lay-up. If the lay-up is missed you must start over.

backboardKeep bouncin…

"Post-Action of the Day": LA Screen Across

If you have two post players that work great together. Teach them the LA Screen Across action and show them how to read the defense and counter anyway the defense guards it. Once your players get this down and they are on the same page, it is like a beautiful Ballet on the Blocks.

If you ever get a chance to watch some old game film from the 05-06 and 06-07 Florida Gators, they have four exceptional bigs that run this action like to perfection (Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Chris Richard, Adrian Moss).