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Wichita State Shockers 3 Quick Cont’d

Wichita State frequented this play last year in the 2013 Men’s Final Four. The first option is to hit 3 (Seen Here) cutting off the post for a lay-up. If he isn’t open, 5 steps out for a middle pick & roll and replace for 1.

To see EVERY play Wichita State ran in the 2013 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 3.12.26 PM

Miami Heat Game 7 Opening Play for Wade

During Game 7 of last night’s ECF between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers, the Heat won the tip-off to start the game and ran this quick hitter to try and get Wade going early. Wade has been struggling throughout the Playoffs and there is no better way to ignite a player than by showing your confidence in them running the first play of the game for them. Unfortunately for Wade and the Heat, Roy Hibbert quickly rotated to prevent the easy lay-up.


Brooklyn Nets: SLOB “Strong”

This is another great Sideline Out of Bounds action I got from the Brooklyn Nets at the Orlando Summer League. This simple and quick play should give you several options to score.


Utah Jazz: Elbow Clear

What I love about this play is how occupied the weakside defense is to open up a driving lane for 1. Especially for uncoached/young teams X3 will follow his man out to the opposite wing and empty out any help side. Additionally, X2 and X4 will be busy with the pin down action. If X5 tries to help too much you have a quick throwback jumper action.

This is a great action to give your players out of a timeout to get a quick bucket.


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