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3 on 3 Rebounding

I have seen a lot of great rebounding drills but this one I got from Donnie Tyndall last summer at a clinic adds some great elements to really increase the intensity of your practices. Coach Tyndall used this drill every day in practice while he was at Morehead State and plans to continue with this at Southern Mississippi. During his years at Morehead State, he spoke on how this drill helped his smaller teams become fierce rebounders; so much so that after the University of Florida played them a few years back, Billy Donovan compared to Kenneth Faried to Dennis Rodman.


As you can see in the diagram above you have three lines at three spots, bigs on one wing, point/combo guards at the top, and your guards/small forwards on the other wing; each being guarded; and a coach starts with the ball. He also placed a coach at each position to coach up the defense (Most of us at the HS level have to do what we can to use our resources in coaching best we can).

The goal is to get three stops/rebounds on defense in a row before the defense can get out. This is who the drill works; including the rules and scoring:

1. On the start the top guard pins down on the guard on the wing and the coach passes to the guard coming to the top. At the same time the big ducks in HARD in the post trying to get open. The offense continues to move the ball trying to get a score or offensive rebound off a shot.

2. A manager/coach either on the clock or on a sheet of paper needs to keep track of the number of possessions it takes for the defense to get three stops in a row.

3. If the offense scores or gets an offensive rebound, reset the stops back to zero.

4. If the offensive big gets two feet in the paint, the defending big must full front. If the defense fails to full front, stop that possession and start a new possession. NOTE: You do not reset back to zero, but this does add another possession to the total number.

5. At any time if a coach is not satisfied with the intensity of the defense, they get out of their stance, or fails to communicate; the coach can always start a new possession. Again, this does not reset back to zero, but this does add another possession to the total number.

DO NOT stop the drill and move on if a group of defenders continues to fail at getting three stops in a row. Donnie noted that one day in practice it took a team over 150 possessions to get three stops in a row.

Once every group has successfully made three stops in a row on defense, the team that made the three stops in the LEAST amount of possession and the losing teams must run.

Mix up the drill each day by having the bigs and the g/f switch sides of the court.


Circle the Wagons (Rebounding)

Circle the Wagons is one of my favorite rebounding drills. I originally got this drill from Coach Donovan while I was at Florida. Jay Bilas also went over this drill at last summer’s Coaching U Live. It creates a competitive environment and really challenges both the offense and the defense. To make it competitive, the defense must get 3 (or 5, whatever number you would like) perfect block outs and give up no offensive rebounds before they can get out. This will really encourage your offense players to bust their tails to get offensive rebounds.

circlewagonsMake sure you really stress to your offense that this is a drill for them as well. Make sure all five guys are crashing the glass.

Backboard Tap Drill (2 Hands)

Yesterday I posted the Backboard Tap Drill (1 Hand), today’s drill takes a little more strength and athleticism. This drill forces your players to learn how to grab a rebound with 2 hands and then explode back up without bringing the ball down. If the player brings the ball below their shoulders have a coach/manager/players smack the ball out of their hands.

backboardKeep bouncin…

Circle the Wagons Rebounding

I have posted a drill like this in the past but I just saw this tweak that Baylor Men’s basketball does to make the drill even more difficult.

They place a big in the paint and bring the offensive players closer to the paint. I think this makes it a much more realistic look and really forces the defense to block out the big in the middle and push him/her away from the rim.

wagonsRemember, if you want to add this play to your FastDraw library you can. Simply highlight over the FastModel logo in the lower right corner.

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"Drill of the Day" : Backboard Taps

This is a great drill to improve all of your players hand-eye coordination and touch around the rim.