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North Carolina Tar Heels Box Power

Occasionally North Carolina’s Roy Williams will pull PG Marcus Paige off of the ball and put him at the SG spot. ¬†¬†This is exactly what he did in this play the Tar Heels ran in their win over Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon.¬†Furthermore, UNC big man James Michael McAdoo has been unstoppable as of late on offense and and the Heels fed him the post frequently on Saturday.

Below you can see that the 3 screens McAdoo (4) into the post before setting the first screen of the stagger for Paige.

box power

North Carolina Tar Heels Weak Power

Roy William’s North Carolina Tar Heels ran this play a few years ago. While the ending of this play is a post-up for 4, 3 is coming off a stagger as a secondary option.


North Carolina Tar Heels Zone Lob

For years North Carolina has been known for its backscreens and lob attempts especially in transition situations. This play Roy Williams loves to run versus a 2-3 Zone to get a lob at the rim.


Short Winner BLOB from UNC’s Roy Williams

Yesterday in the Pre-Game show on ESPNU, Roy Williams drew up one of his favorite short clock Baseline Out of Bounds plays he calls “Short Winner”. There are two main keys for this play to be effective: 2 has to cut HARD off of 4 and 5 must cut HARD and get behind the backboard to open up the rim area.


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