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San Antonio Spurs Floppy X Punch

The San Antonio Spurs ran this offensive play to start Game 3 of the 2014 NBA Finals. The timing and patient cuttingĀ of the Spurs’ offense is what made this play so effective.


Florida Gators Hook Step-Up #MarchMadness

Florida’s Billy Donovan has put in this new pick & roll set during the post-season to space the floor out for an effective side step-up pick & roll action. In this play, usually Frazier II (2) is being shadowed in the corner after screening 5 into the pick, thus X2 isn’t fully on help-side. This gives 5 an open lane to roll hard to the rim. If Finney-Smith is in the game at the 4 spot and X4 decides to sink into the lane to momentarily help, 1 has the option to also quick throwback to 4 for a shot.


Ohio State Buckeyes “Thumb Up”

This action comes from Thad Matta and the Ohio State Backeyes. They ran multiple screening actions into a step-up pick & roll.


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