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Syracuse Orange “Double Fist”

This is a play that Jim Boeheim frequented during the 2013 Final Four. I love this set because of the continuous screening actions after the initial stagger pick & roll. The first two options of the play are for 1 to come off and attack the rim and if he can’t throwback to 4 for a catch & shoot. If neither of those options are open 2 comes off the second set of staggers for a multiple of options.

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2013 Final 4 Preview

After receiving an overwhelming response from my previous four scouting reports, I have decided to write up a quick preview of the four teams in this year’s Final Four. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did creating it. If you are in Atlanta hit me on Twitter I would love to see you.

2013 Final Four Preview

The comments are of my own and are not from any of the four participating teams.

Side Roll Zone Offense from Notre Dame

This is a quick hitter that Notre Dame ran Monday night vs Syracuse’s 2-3 Zone.


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