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Baseline Drag Early Offense

A few nights ago I was watching a WNBA Playoff game and one of the teams ran a quick play at the end of the game. The play was not very successful so I came up with this tweak to it. Your options are:

  1. Have 1 come off to score.
  2. Pass to 3 for a catch & shoot.
  3. Throwback to 2 for a catch & shoot or drive and attack.
  4. After the throwback to 2, pass 5 ducking in hard after screening.


Phoenix Mercury “Zipper Stagger”

The Phoenix Mercury ran this play at last night vs the Chicago Sky at the end of the 4th quarter in an attempt to take the lead. As 1 came off the screen she had to option to pass to 3 coming off the stagger, throwback to 4, or attack the rim. She decided to pull up for a free-throw line jumper, which she missed.


LA Sparks Elbow Thru Double

This action from the LA Sparks is one that is ran quite often in the NBA. However, the ending stagger for 3 is rarely an option used. If 1 cannot turn the corner after the dribble hand-off 3 is the next scoring option.


LA Sparks Box Strong – Post Up for Candace Parker

Last night the LA Sparks ran this sideline out of bounds play to get Candace Parker isolated in the post.