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Dallas Mavericks 52 High X

Rick Carlisle ran this play a few years ago with the Dallas Mavericks during their NBA World Championship run. Dirk (4) sprinted to the opposite corner so if X4 sank in to help on the roll (by 5), 3 could look to throw back to Dirk for a corner 3-pointer. If you are afraid that your 4 could ruin the timing of the play I would recommend shifting him to the same corner he is already on the side of.


Sacramento Kings Zipper Baseline Go

The Sacramento Kings ran this half-court set this week during the 2013 NBA Last Vegas Summer League. Their execution of this play was top notch getting all the way to the ending of the play.


Golden State Warriors Zipper Elbow Twist

This zipper sideline out of bounds action from the Golden State Warriors offers multiple scoring actions for your team.


San Antonio Stars – Zipper Hold Sideline Out of Bounds

The WNBA’s San Antonio Stars ran this sideline out of bounds play earlier in the week. As you all know, I am a big fan of zipper actions but this play adds a new wrinkle that I have yet to think about.


Boston Celtics 3 Up Side Sideline Out of Bounds

This is one of my favorite sideline out of bounds plays that the Boston Celtics ran quite a bit while under the direction of Doc Rivers. This is a simple play that teams at all levels should be able to execute.