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Florida Gators Stack Thru Zone Offense #MarchMadness

While Florida struggled throughout the game to knock down shots from the outside, the Gators dominated the paint from start to finish vs Albany. What makes this play hard to guard is by sending 1 through to the corner, the defense must send X4 down to the corner, making it a 2 on 1 vs X5 in the paint.

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Florida Gators Zone Offense – Lob (Video)

Last night the Florida Gators ran this zone offense play which lead to Freshman Chris Walker’s first points in a Gator uniform. If you watch Florida enough, you know that Billy Donovan frequently runs pick & rolls versus a zone to get two defenders guarding one and put the defense in compromising situations. This overloaded action did just that.

What makes this play especially hard to guard is Florida had two point guards on the Florida making them extra dangerous on the dribble. Additionally, as Kasey Hill came off the pick, not only did he have the option shown below, but he also had a throwback option to their lethal 3-point threat Michael Frazier II. (See video below courtesy of ESPN)


Read and React Zone Offense

One component I love about the Read and React offense is that you can run it versus a man or zone defense. However, some tweaks must be made to adjust for the gaps in the zone. As you can see below, I coach my players to cut into the gaps of the zone and pause for a second before popping out to one of their five spots on the floor. This will either result in getting the ball into the middle or shifting the zone enough to open up other areas of the defense. Pass fakes are key in this offense!




Zone Offense 2 Stack Overload

This is simple yet very effective zone offense play that is one of my favorites. As 1 dribbles over, 2 overloads the floor making this play difficult to guard every option. After 5 screens in, he should try to post up hard on X5.


Wichita State Shockers 2 Power Gap Zone Offense

This zone offense play from Wichita State was run versus Louisville in the 2013 Final Four. This play from Gregg Marshall is one of my favorite zone offense actions of all time; mostly because Billy Donovan runs it frequently, and very well.

Setting the pick & roll on the top of the zone forces X2 to help or switch onto the ball. On the pass from 2 to 1, X2 is caught trying to recover so X4 starts sliding up to stunt. Making for a perfect opportunity for 5 to duck in hard on the zone for a post-up.

For every play Wichita State ran during the 2013 Final Four check out my eBook, “Championship Execution”.


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