Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 7/22/2014

After a few weeks off because I was out-of-town at Coaching U Live, and my players have been busy with the AAU circuit, we got back in the gym for a skill tune-up today before one of my players heads out to Panama City for his last event.

3 Area Move & Shoot – 2 Levels

This drill was our warm-up for today. Using the three area of the court, Corner to Wing (Elbow) both sides and Elbow to Elbow, player had to move and shoot until he made six shots at each area. If he missed two shots in a row we started over at that area. We performed this at five foot range and 15 foot range.

Goal: Make 6 at each area without missing two in a row.

Slide – Slide – Attack Shots

This is a new drill I got from LA Clippers Director of Player Development Dave Severns. It is a drill used to simulate the slide dribble players must perform when attacking a pick & roll hedging defense. Using all seven spots on the floor, the player stays low and performs two quick slide (lateral) dribbles as if they are creating space from the defense, before attacking the rim with one hard dribble. This is done seven times around the perimeter with the right hand, and then back using the left hand. Today we performed this drill with four different variations with a goal of making 14 shots in each variation.

1. 1 Attack Dribble Jumper
2. Crossover
3. Hesitation
4. Crossover – Step Back Jumper

Goal: Make 14 shots in each of the variations above.

Offensive Catch & Go Shots

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our team runs the Read & React Offense and a goal is to incorporate as many game-like shots into our workouts as we can while also adding new skill elements to the players. This drill used six main cuts around the perimeter and the player had to make 6 for 8 with each cut. On the catch, the player had to option to go, or rip through, and attack with one dribble for a jump shot.

Series 1: Corner to Wing (Left)
Series 2: Wing to TOK (Left)
Series 3: TOK to Wing (Left)
Series 4: Corner to Wing (Right)
Series 5: Wing to TOK (Right)
Series 6: TOK to Wing (Right)

Goal: Make 6 for 8 in each series before moving on to the next.

Creating Space – 2 Foot Floaters

Using five spots around the perimeter, the player had to fight contact from a coach and create space using various footwork and rip techniques before attacking the rim and finishing with a two foot floater. Our goal today was to start reading the defense and reacting quicker. As soon as the defense retreats or gives an angle, the offensive player immediately must read that and make their move towards the rim.

Goal: Make 3 floaters at all five spots.


5 Spot Shooting – 3 Pointers

Today we finished off the workout shooting a multitude of 3-pointers. Using the five spots around the perimeter, the player had to make eight college 3′s and 4 NBA 3′s at all five spots.

Goal: Make 8 college 3′s and 4 NBA 3′s at each spot.

I did not video this segment today but the video below should give you a good idea of what it looks like.

End of Game SLOB: Need 2 (Lob)

I recently watched some video from last year’s Brayden Carr Foundation Coaching Clinic run by coach Jim Carr. This play came from the legendary John Lucas and is a very simple sideline out-of-bounds play from the side that gives you a lob. Main goal of this action is to get the lob to 5 at the rim. However, if the defense takes away the lob you have 4 cutting hard to the top for a catch & shoot as well.



On-Court Agility Workout 7/4/2014

As I mentioned yesterday one of the goals for my players is to increase their agility and quickness for next season. Today’s workout was our first session of the Summer. Our plan is to perform basketball training two days, followed by a day solely committed to agility and quickness.

Agility Ladder Footwork Series

Each exercises was performed down and back on the ladder for a total of three times.

  1. High Toe Skip
  2. High Toe Skip – Leg Circles
  3. High Knee Skip
  4. Quick Knee Drive Skip
  5. Wide High Keep Skip (Outside the Ladder)
  6. Wide Quick Knee Drive Skip (Outside the Ladder)
  7. Running – 1 Foot per Hole
  8. Running – 2 Feet per Hole
  9. Ickey Shuffle (Forward & Backward)
  10. Ski Jumps
  11. Lateral Ski Jumps
  12. Lateral 1 In – 2 Out Shuffle
  13. Lateral 2 In – 2 Out Shuffle
  14. Carioca Crossover – Forward & Backward
  15. Carioca Cross Under – Forward & Backward
  16. Lateral Carioca

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Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 7/2/2014

After evaluating my players throughout the entire month of June, I am going to be designing their July through October workouts to not only improve on their weaknesses, but also continue to make strides with their strengths. Today’s session was all about starting to improve on the quickness of the shot once the ball hits my player’s hands.

While the main key is training the fast-switch muscle fibers to increase in speed, it is essential the player is ready to shoot on the catch (feet and hands ready). However, one thing I have noticed is that when trying to push a player to release quicker, they tend to quickly jerk back on the follow-through and do not follow-through at all. Emphasize that while the shot needs to be quicker, the after-shot process should not change.

10 in a Row – 5 Spot Shooting Warm-Up

This drill is designed to get the player mentally locked into the workout by forcing them to make consecutive shots. We started in close to the rim and had to made 10 straight shots. After the 10 makes, the player takes a step back and must make 10 more shots. This is repeated (five times) all the way back to the free-throw line area.

Goal: Make 10 per spot.

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1-on-1 Post Cone Drill

This drill is excellent in teaching your players how to effectively create angles in the post on offense, and also take them away on defense.

  1. Place one cone at the top of the key and another cone on the wing behind the 3-point line.
  2. Place a coach/teammate/manager with the ball at the top of the key and another (without a ball) on the same wing as the cone.
  3. Start two players under the rim, one will be offense and one will be defense.
  4. Drill starts with verbal signal or bounce of ball, middle player runs around middle cone and other player runs around the cone on the wing.
  5. The person at the top of the key with the ball will call out the player’s name who is on offense; can be either player. The ball is then pass to the wing as the player round the cones and start fighting for position.
  6. The offense is fighting for an angle to post-up and catch the pass from the wing and the defense is working hard to prevent an easy pass into the low-block. (No lobs from the wing as we are going to assume help-side defense is in place).
  7. If the offense cannot get open on the wing, the person with the ball can reverse the ball back to the top of the key to try a hi/low look from the top.

First player to 5 points (by 1′s) wins. Repeat on both sides.