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Florida Gators Pick & Roll Motion Offense

This play is a short three frame diagram that illustrates the Florida Gators pick & roll motion offense from Billy Donovan.

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Triangle Fast Break Build Up 4 on 4

Following drill was a part of a skill packet we mailed out to coaches when I was at the University of Florida.

Previously I have posted phase 1 and 2 of the build up with the 2-on-12-on-2, and 3-on-3.

  1. Start with two offensive players on each of the low blocks and the other two offensive players in each of the corners.
  2. Defensively, begin with a defender at the free-throw line, one under the rim, and the other two in opposite corners.
  3. Begin the drill once again with a coach passing the ball to one of the two offensive layers on each of the low blocks. The two wing players should sprint the floor in their lanes. Generally, one of them is a front-court player and should sprint through to the low block.
  4. Defensively the same rules apply as the 3-on-3 drill. Sprint back as hard as you can, getting match up through communication.


Florida Gators Late Game Motion Hold

Motion Hold is a great play to run in a late game situation in which you are holding for a last shot or waiting for the defensive to commit a foul. This play incorporates multiple screening options to get either wing open. In most cases you want to keep the ball in your guard(s) hands for better ball-handling and free throw shooting. However, if you get into an urgent situation your bigs are allowed to flash as a release if needed.

To see EVERY play Florida ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution!


2014 Final 4 Preview #MarchMadness

If you aren’t familiar with all four of the teams in the 2014 Men’s Final Four, take a few minutes to get to know each team and their key players. If any of you are in Dallas hit me up, I would love to meet you.


2014 Final Four Preview

The comments are of my own and are not from any of the four participating teams.

Florida Gators Hook Step-Up #MarchMadness

Florida’s Billy Donovan has put in this new pick & roll set during the post-season to space the floor out for an effective side step-up pick & roll action. In this play, usually Frazier II (2) is being shadowed in the corner after screening 5 into the pick, thus X2 isn’t fully on help-side. This gives 5 an open lane to roll hard to the rim. If Finney-Smith is in the game at the 4 spot and X4 decides to sink into the lane to momentarily help, 1 has the option to also quick throwback to 4 for a shot.


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