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San Antonio Spurs Cross Pin ATO

The San Antonio Spurs ran this sideline out-of-bounds play during Game 6 of the 2014 Western Conference Finals vs the OKC Thunder. Ginobili (1) did a tremendous job selling his cut off 2 (creating small separation) before sprinting off the screen from Duncan (5) for the catch & shoot 3-poiner.

cross pin

Florida Gators Need 3 “Rip”

This play the Florida Gators used to run a lot during end of games situations, is similar to one the San Antonio Spurs run called “Hammer”. This a great play to run as it gives you multiple scoring options to counter defensive adjustments.

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Brooklyn Nets ATO Need 3 #NBAPlayoffs

Down 3 at the end of Game 5 of the 2014 EC Semi-Finals, Jason Kidd drew up this sideline out-of-bounds play for the Brooklyn Nets. This was a great action which incorporated multiple screen the screener actions. However, Johnson (4) was unable to get a shot off as Miami deflected the ball out-of-bounds on the catch.


Oklahoma City Thunder ATO Loop #NBAPlayoffs

In the closing seconds of their Game 5 victory over the LA Clippers (2014 WC Semi-Finals), Thunder head coach Scott Brooks drew up this BLOB which resulted in Westbrook (1) being fouled taking a 3-pointer. Only down 2 points, I was somewhat baffled when Westbrook decided not to attempt the game tying lay-up but rather dribble out and take the contested 3-pointer (which resulted in 3 points because of the foul).


Indiana Pacers Pick & Roll Need 3 #NBAPlayoffs

The Indiana Pacers ran this After Time-Out drawn up by Frank Vogel during their win over the Washington Wizards in Game 4 of 2014 EC Semi-Finals. What made this play so effective was Paul George’s (3) hesitation under the rim creating enough space with his defender to get through the screen for the catch & shoot.


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