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Florida Gators Horns Power Post-Up

The Florida Gators ran this Horns post-up play in their National Semi-Final game versus UCONN. As 4 cross/back-screened 5 (Young), the defense fought to take away the post-up from the Gators’ dominant big man, this allowed 4 to seal and duck-in easier.

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Syracuse Orange 15 Down

Syracuse than this pock & roll pin-down action in the 2013 Men’s Final Four. If 4 isn’t able to catch & shoot or create on the dribble, the play will continue as 3 uses the screen from 5. 4 has the option to hit 3 coming off the screen or look to feed 5 sealing in the post.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Horns Get

The Oklahoma City Thunder ran this quick pick & roll pin-down action this week to get Serge Ibaka a quick catch & shoot mid-range jumper. Kevin Durant has been on a scoring tear lately, making this play tougher to guard. As KD used the pick & roll, X5 was forced to help to prevent the pull-up or rim attack. This forced X4 to sit on the screen longer than normal to prevent Perkins from rolling wide-open to the rim. This allowed for the open shot for Ibaka.


Ohio State Buckeyes 2 Zipper Down

This play from Ohio State’s Thad Matta is an excellent early offense action that ends with a simple pin-down catch & shoot. As the play develops there is a lot of action that shifts the defense to the right side of the floor. By settings the quick pin-down for 3 could catch your opponent off guard as they may think the ball is going back to 1.


Portland Trailblazers ” 3 Down”

The Portland Trailblazers ran “3 Down” Tuesday night in their game versus the Chicago Bulls during the 2013 NBA Las Vegas Summer League. In this play it is 1’s option to use the pick & roll or pass to 3 for a shot or pick & roll.


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